Pool Opening Plans


2024 Pool Openings

Basic Pool Opening………………..        $375.00

Basic Pool Opening with Spa……         $400.00

Mesh Cover Removal……………...        $ 100.00

(Includes Loop-Loc, Merlin, Meyco, or OtherType Safety Covers)

Solid Cover Removal………………         $175.00

(With Water Tubes, Water Blocks, Or Other

Non-Retractable Anchor Type Cover)


Water and debris Must Be Removed From Cover PRIOR TO Pool Opening Or Additional Charges Will Apply

  • Vacuuming or Leaf Removal - $100.00 Per ½ Hour.  
  • Water Removal - $100.00 Per ½ Hour.
  • Boat Charge – Any condition that requires a boat for removal of cover - $85.00.
  • Pools with raised walls may charged an additional for cover removal (exemption over the wall cover) - $45.00- $90.00
  • Opening of second filtration system - $85.00.
  • Extra pumps (not booster pumps) - $45.00.
  • Water features with pump and filter - $60.00.
  • Water features with pump only - $45.00.
  • Auto Cover Cleaning with Detergent Surcharge - $199.00
  • Water level must be 2” to 4” into skimmer prior to arrival to start system. Return visits are an additional charge.


Basic Pool Opening Includes:

Install Gauges, Plugs, & Baskets

Assemble Filter System & Start Pump

Assemble Heater & Test Start Heater

(If Heater Will Not Fire After 3 Attempts, An

Additional Heater Service Call May Be Required)

Assemble Automatic Pool Cleaner

Install Ladders & Handrails

Brush Pool & Tile Line. Perform Water Test

Balance Water with Customer’s Chemicals

Add Initial Chlorine Shock Treatment

Opening Inspection Report


Weekly Pool Maintenance Service

Let the pool pros at Backyard Creations take care of your pool this year.  Prices start at $100.00 using your chemicals. Biweekly service available at $125.00 per visit using your chemicals.